Aperitivo in Stavanger

IMG_8902If you have been to Italy you might have noticed that there is a tradition for something called “aperitivo”. This means that you go to a bar in the afternoon and order a pre-dinner drink and you get snack as a part of the deal. If you are not careful you end up spoiling the dinner plans as there can be a lot of delicious snack available. If you do go to aperitivo in Italy remember to try out the Aperol Spritz by the way. Check out this trip report from Bologna to read more about the Italian way of life Smile
Anyway – it is now possible to get a slice of Italy in Stavanger. Renaa Xpress in Sølvberget. If you go there on a Friday night from 7 to 9 you can just buy an alcoholic drink and then you get a platter of a pasta, some sausages, salad and bread and you can help yourself to pizza that are being made in the wood fired oven. I think there was only two types of pizza being made when we were there – the Tante Margrete (the pizza margherita Renaa style) and Emilia Romagna – a pizza with parma ham, tomato and ricotta. The Tante Margrete pizza is excellent! All in all I think this must be one of the best kept secrets in Stavanger when it comes to eating out. Where else can you buy a glass of red wine and eat as much as you want? So next time you go to the movies on a Friday night be sure to stop by Renaa Xpress Winking smile
You can read more about Renaa Xpress on their homepage and you can also check out the evening menu.
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