Alex Sushi–maybe the best sushi restaurant in town

IMG_7914Eating fish has long traditions in Norway as we have a long coastline and we have some great wild and farmed fish – wherever I go in the world it is always possible to e.g. find Norwegian salmon in stores and restaurants. But eating sushi has not become popular until recent years and now there are several sushi restaurants popping up around town. The latest addition in Stavanger is Alex Sushi located in the middle of town – we went there as soon as they opened to check them out.
IMG_7905The door leading into the restaurant is quite anonymous but the “lobby” is quite face with sculptures hanging from the ceiling and some cool “old super hero” oil paintings by Andreas Englund. We got a seat by the oval bar upstairs and we had a view to Alex working his magic right behind the counter. I have to admit that I’m not the greatest fan of sushi and sashimi but we got a great salmon sashimi sprinkled with roe to start with. IMG_7910We were four in the group so we shared various sushi – my tempura dish was good with a combination of fish, prawns and vegetable. We also got some wagyu wrapped around rice and then torched right before serving and that was also excellent. The combination platters seemed to include both sushi (nigiri and maki) and sashimi and the fish seemed fresh and tasted great.
IMG_7912All in all this might be the best sushi restaurant in town so far. It is a bit more pricy compared to the other places but the food was very tasty and it was great to see the dishes being made right across from our seats. So if you are craving for sushi in Stavanger I think Alex Sushi is a great place to go.
Read more about the menu and make a reservation on the restaurant homepage
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