Reopening of Deja Vu

IMG_8915We have been to Déjà vu before as you can see from this review. Recently the place reopened after being refurbished. We stopped by for lunch on a Saturday in September and it is still located at the same place in the small mall Magasin Blaa. It looks great after the upgrade and there are more tables and the place have become a lot lighter and modern. They have stuck to the same concept as before – meaning that it is both a diner and a catering company and IMG_8914you can also buy various products there. As we came in the was a sign with the specials of the day but the menu seemed to be very similar or identical to the old one – or maybe it was just déjà vu (OK, I admit that it was not a very original joke). I decided to go for a Parma salad and Nikki went for chicken satay. I had to order by the counter but the service was very good and it didn’t take long before we got the food even if the place was quite full. The parma salad was pretty good with thick slices of parma ham, small mozzarella balls, olives, tomatoes, melon etc. It was a pretty large portion but as I was starving that was not a problem Smile Nikki got the satay served with noodles and a salad on the side. The satay was a bit on the dry side…or maybe II ‘m just a bit spoiled as I just had excellent satay in Malaysia.
IMG_8912All in all it is still a good option for a lunch in Stavanger – but I’m still not crazy about the location as it is right by one of the entrances to Magasin Blaa so in the winter you will feel a bit of a draft coming in. I also think they should have used the opportunity to  change the menu a bit to celebrate the new facilities. Check out their homepage for more information.
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