Excellent tacos at Tako by Fortou

Tako by Fortou opened not long ago and it is run by Arnt Skjerve. Arnt also runs Fortou located just a few hundred meters away and hence the name Tako by Fortou. We went to Tako on a Wednesday early evening and the place was already quite packed – Tako got great reviews in the local paper Aftenbladet recently and I guess people are eager to try it out. It seemed like people had made reservations for groups as there were a couple of long tables set up. We got a small table with two barstools – I was never able to find a comfortable position on the stools, so I ended up standing most of the time. The place was bigger than I expected with space for maybe 40-50 people with seating ranging from sofas to long tables. 

We started by ordering some tostadas with guacamole , tacos with pork and tacos with halibut ceviche. We were not sure if this would be enough food for us, but the waitress said that we could always order more later on. We got the tostados with guacamole after about 25 minutes and the guacamole was very pretty with edible flowers sprinkled on top. Not only was it pretty it was also very, very delicious. I don’t think I have had a better guacamole since we went to Oyamel in Washington DC. The tostados was a bit oily but they were excellent together with the guacamole.

We had to wait a few more minutes before the tacos were served. We started by digging into the halibut ceviche tacos that were served with mango and again it was absolutely delicious. This can not be compared to what most of us Norwegians refer to as a taco on a Friday night at home. The second tacos was pork neck and had more traditional flavors as it contained frijoles or beans. But it was also topped with a pineapple salsa that was great with the tender meat!

As the food was so delicious, we decided to try out more stuff from the menu. We decided to try out the beef cheek tacos, more of the excellent guacamole and avocado ghost tacos. But a couple of minutes after we placed the order, the waitress came back and told us that it would take an hour to serve the food and unfortunately, we did not have time for that.

Conclusion: Tako by Fortou served some awesome and delicious tacos and we will be back soon to try out the other options on the menu. Next time we will try to pick a time when it is not so busy.

Location: Ryfylkegata 22 - see Google maps https://goo.gl/maps/Th1gks8mGiW37kyk9 
Price: about 130 kroner (15 USD) for two tacos


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