New opening of Los Tacos

Los Tacos has just re-opened in Stavanger after expanding from a small takeaway joint to a larger restaurant/bar. I went there on a Wednesday night and the new facilities look great. There are a few tables, their funny slogans in neon light in various places and a new bar section that I assume close a bit earlier at night compared to the restaurant section.

The menu is not extensive – there is a focus on tacos, burritos and bowls. I decided to have the BJK Burrito which is chicken with French fries, beans, lettuce etc. You make your order at the counter and the guy that was making the food was talented as he was making 4 burritos at the same time. Maybe it was a bit too busy – the guy that was making the food was using a gloves to take the lettuce, cheese etc but he was also using the cashier at the same time and maybe that is not the most hygienic. The burrito was rolled up in a sheet in the end, but it would have been nice to have a plate to bring it back to the table. It was also a bit strange that to buy a beer we had to go to the bar counter to get the beer there and pay for it and get a separate bill.

The burrito was not that great in my opinion – the main problem was that it was lukewarm. I don’t know if we came at a bad time as when we were leaving, it seemed like there was more steam coming from around the “pots” that was keeping the meat selections warm. It is of course not fair to review this is as a full fledged restaurant. This is fast-food joint that stays open late at night and my guess is that they make most of the money late at night when people are on the way home after being out for a few drinks. If you want tex-mex/Mexican inspired food, I think it is better to head to e.g. Harry Pepper.

Location: Skagen 8 – see Google maps
Price: a burrito is about 120 kroner (14 USD)


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