Where to find the best ice cream in Stavanger!

Norwegians loves ice cream and producers like Diplom-Is and Hennig-Olsen is, makes lots of different ice creams that are sold in grocery stores, kiosks, gas stations etc. My impression is that most of the ice cream that are sold is either in big portions (like e.g. Ben & Jerry’s in tubs for home use) or ready-made ice cream cones (from producers mentioned above).  We don’t have much of a culture for buying scoops of ice like you see in Italy (ohhhh….gelato) or Argentina (ohhhhh…helado). But you can get some good quality ice cream also in Stavanger – you just need to know where to go. So here is my list of places where you can get some good ice cream if you come to town. Where do you go when you want to have some great ice cream in Stavanger???

GO is
The Renaa universe covers a fine dining restaurant (yes, with a Michelin star), a bistro and a pizzeria, but now they have also introduced ice cream! So far, I’m very impressed. Their selection is small but they focus on good quality ingredients. You will find classics here like vanilla, pistachio and they have also made some very good sorbets. In addition to this, you can cover it with several toppings! Make sure to try buckthorn sorbet (tindved in Norwegian) if they have that available.

Pros: good quality, made inhouse, gelato style, some exciting flavors, good toppings
Cons: limited selection of flavors
Where: at Renaa Xpress at Kulturhuset på Sølvberget - at the counter facing the library. Address is Sølvberggata 2
More info: read more on their Facebook page.

Siddis Café
This is the new kid on the block as it opened in early 2018! They focus on making their own gelato in house. Flavors vary but they usually have 5 gelati (I guess that is the plural of gelato) s and about the same amount of sorbets. 

Pros: made inhouse, gelato style, good sorbet selection, sorbets are vegan
Cons: location is not the best
Where: Kongsgata 34 – by the lake Breiavannet not far from Domkirken (Cathedral of Stavanger).
More info: Siddis cafe homepage 

MooGoo Ice cream house
The Moo Goo Ice cream shop opened in July 2017. Funny enough this is apparently where the first ice cream shop in Stavanger opened back in 1960 so it is in a historic place. Moo Goo seems to focus a lot on soft serve that you can top with about 50(!) toppings or you can get it blended like a McDonald’s McFlurry. But I am disappointed that there regular ice cream is not homemade – it is from Diplom IS.

Pros: lots and lots and lots of toppings, good milkshakes
Cons: their ice is not homemade, portions are too big
Where: Kirkegata in Stavanger – just down the street from Valbergtårnet.
More info: https://www.facebook.com/MooGooIceCreamHouse 

Godt Brød Sølvberget
Located across from Renaa on Arnageren, you will find Godt Brød bakery. They have a summer tradition of serving good vanilla ice cream but the real treat is the topping made by fresh strawberries. The Norwegian strawberries are excellent, but the season is short so be sure to try it if you stop by Stavanger in the summer months! The last time I tried it though, I must admit that I was not that impressed. They strawberry topping was not very good and it was a tiny portion.

Pros: Good creamy ice cream topped with whipped cream and strawberries
Cons: they don't have much of a selection
WhereGodt Brød on Arnageren. Address is Søregata 4 

Il Gelato
The next candidate is in Sandnes, just outside Stavanger. I stopped by this place called Smakeriet – Il Gelato in the mall Bystasjonen in Sandnes a while back. This small ice cream place seems to make ice cream for good restaurants and it is made on site, so you get it fresh. The ice cream that I had was excellent, so it is worth a visit if you are in Sandnes and are feeling the urge for an ice cream. 

Pros: homemade, lots of flavors
Cons: located out of downtown Stavanger
Where: Smakeriet is located on the first floor in Bystasjonen (også kjent som andre etasje på norsk).
More info: https://www.ilgelato.no/

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