Kaffelade - Bergen based coffee shop opens in Stavanger

A lovely new cafe has just popped up in downtown Stavangerl. This time it is the Bergen based coffee shop Kaffelade that is trying to quench the coffee thirst of the Stavanger citizens! The coffee shop can be entered from the street (Kirkegata) or from the the shopping arcade Galleri4. The interior and furniture is top notch so we were excited to check out their menu. This seems to be a lunch place but with some aspiration to become an early evening hangout spot. Apart from having coffee they have light options like sandwiches, wraps, salads etc but also cakes, macaroons and sweet pastry. On the menu there is also a tapas and pizza option and it seems like there will also be a wine list to go with this (it just said "Coming soon" on the wine section on the menu so I assume they are waiting for the right license).

We went there for lunch on a Saturday in April and the place was half full - I guess it is a place waiting to be discovered. I had a focaccia bread with chicken and bacon that was great - it was fresh and with lots of vegetables. The double Americano that I ordered came served as a double espresso with hot water on the side! Excellent work guys - this means that you can adjust the strength of the americano to your liking. The coffee seems to be from Guatemala and they blend it themselves (you can also buy it to bring back home btw).  I also tried a caffe con panna (double espresso with whipped cream) and it was intense and strong - just the way I think it should be. There is also a great tea option and this comes served in a tea pot.

All in all a nice new place that could become a good option both for lunch and for an early evening snack before e.g. going to the movies.I look forward to trying out their pizza! Read more about this place on the Kaffelade Facebook page.

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