Pasha–Turkish restaurant in Stavanger

Pasha opened this year if I’m not mistaken after quite some time of preparations. I think this is maybe the only proper Turkish restaurant in town and they focus on barbecuing the food on coal on in a proper stone oven. We went there for a quick snack on a weekday at about 5 pm and there were a few people in the restaurant already.
IMG_2780 IMG_2781
We got some colorful menus with photos of all the different dishes and that is a good idea as I think many people don’t have a clue when it comes to Turkish food. We ordered Døner Lavash and a chicken kebab dish. As a complimentary starter we got a fresh baked bread with a cream dip and a vegetable dip and the bread was excellent. The food was served pretty fast and it looked just like the photos on the menu. The chicken kebab was quite a large portion for the price and there was chicken, rice, sour cream and various vegetable. The Døner Lavash was a wrap with beef. The food was good and good value for money. We will most likely go there again if we need a quick dinner. Check out the Pasha Facebook page for more infornation.
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