Matmagasinet–new location

IMG_1999I have been to Matmagasinet a few times over the last few years and there has been some ups and downs. In May 2017 this cafe moved to a new location – from their small store in Eiganesveien to the much bigger café in Niels Jules gate 50. With this move they have moved outside the city center (even if it is just a 10 minute walk from downtown) but the advantage is a new, bigger and modern café. I stopped by for lunch today and they have pretty much kept the old concept. There is a small menu that contains sandwiches, salads, soups etc but there is also an evening menu with fish, meat, pizza etc. The new facilities looks great and they now have much more room than before. I think this place will be a great success amongst Stavanger people as the place also contains some seats outside and there is a huge lawn where kids can play while parents are enjoying some food and drinks. Check out the homepage for more photos and to take a look at their menu:

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