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As I said in my review of Birger Burger, there has been a bit of a burger revolution here in the area. The Shack also opened in 2015 and later on they have expanded two other locations here in the Stavanger area. The branch in downtown Stavanger just opened! But I stopped by The Shack in Mariero the day after I had my Birger Burger to be able to compare the two. The Mariero branch is a small place and there are a few tables and chairs but the main goal seems to serve burgers to people that wants to bring it back home. The Shack has made an app for the smart phone which makes it so easy to order and pay for a burger. Well, my only beef (no pun intended) with the app is that the font is tiny. But in the app you can order the burger, get it fried to your liking, add more cheese and order extras. It is just brilliant. I used the app to order and went for the Mr. Explosion with some extra cheese and some extra bacon. When I came to The Shack I had to wait for a couple of minutes but then my name was called out and I got the burger.
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As this is a takeaway place the burger came wrapped but with no paper inside. It would have been great with a pocket like paper to avoid dripping everywhere. There will be dripping by the way as the burger is juicy. The burger was fried medium (as I has asked for it to be) and with the extra bacon and cheese. The burger was maybe a bit too salty in my opinion but I still enjoyed it! I did not have any extras this time but in the past I have enjoyed both the onion rings and the fries.
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So is the Shack better than Birger Burger? It is hard to choose a winner as they are both very good burger places. The Shack has angus meat by default in most of the burgers and have a longer menu (including ribs and chicken). I also like the app that The Shack has made as it makes it so easy to order a burger. Birger Burger has the best bun in my opinion and I also appreciated the extra greens I got on the Birger Burger.
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All in all, The Shack serves a great burger and I look forward to checking it out again. Check out the full menu on The Shack website.

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