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Mama Afrika has closed permanently!

We went to Mama Afrika for a quick meal on an early evening in September 2016. When we got there the place was totally empty so we got a table quickly and got the menus right away. The menu is not that extensive and I decided to go for a grilled salmon while my wife Nikki decided to have the chicken. The concept of having a restaurant that serves “African” food is a bit weird as Africa is a huge continent with so many cultures and so many food traditions but that is another story.
Photo 06.09.2016, 17.18.53 Photo 06.09.2016, 17.19.22
It didn’t take long before we got a warm bun and butter as a starter and we soon got the main dish. My salmon was good and it came with a huge portion of noodles, vegetables, fried banana and a sauce. Nikki got her chicken served with rice and a salad. I’m struggling a bit to elaborate more on the dining experience at Mama Afrika. The meal was totally fine and it reminded me of a good home cooked meal but I was not blown away. The food was served fast and the portions were big. What I will remember from the visit is the chairs – I’m pretty average in height and the chair was pretty uncomfortable.
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Check out Mama Afrika’s homepage on to make reservations and check out the menu.
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