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As I have mentioned in other reviews here on the blog, there has been a burger trend that has swept across the city of Stavanger for the last few years. The latest addition to this trend is burger & beers in downtown Stavanger. This new place is located in an old sea house right on the harbor of Stavanger (on the Skagen side of Vågen if you are a local) and for years this used to house a Mexican restaurant – called Mexico (of all things). In September Mexico shut down and burgers & beers opened soon after. The location is excellent in many ways – on the harbor, surrounded by lots of restaurants and bars – and with a very lively atmosphere. The old sea house is also very charming – when you enter it looks like it is the original 16th century woodwork that is keeping the house together! From what I can remember, there has not been that many changes to the interior since burgers&beers took over the place.

We were greeted and seated pretty fast and got to order drinks fast from an English speaking waiter. The menu is not extensive in any ways as you can see on - it is burgers with sides basically. We ordered the B&B classic with sweet potato fries and coleslaw and it didn’t take long before the burgers were served. The meat is delivered by the local butcher Idsøe which is great – it is good to see there is a focus on using local products. The sweet potato fries were excellent in my opinion – fresh made, good consistency and great taste. The coleslaw was good, but the vegetables were in microscopic pieces. I would have enjoyed some bigger chunks to actually taste the various ingredients. The burger came with a good piece of bacon on it, cheese and it was topped with good chunks of vegetables (tomato, lettuce, onion). My burger was fried to medium and I enjoyed this – but my dinner date found her burger to be a bit too rare for her liking. I guess it would have been good if the waiter had asked how we wanted it.


Conclusion: All in all, I was quite happy with my burger and I would not mind going there again. But having said that, I’m not sure if that is enough to keep this place going. The menu is limited, and it is not much different from the other burger places in town. And the name might suggest that there is an extensive selection of beer on the menu but that is not that case – they have a rather standard selection. Mexico (the previous restaurant located here) never felt like a real Mexican restaurant and I always got the impression that they made most of their money from selling beer. I hope that this is not the case for burgers&beers as there is a lot of other places that just focus on drinks. But maybe that is what is needed to make money in this business.

Location: Skagenkaien 9 - see Google map
Price for the food on this visit: (two burgers, 1 coleslaw and 1 fries) 370 Norwegian kroner (45 USD)


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