Frøken Phil - a good option for lunch with friends!

I was afraid that Frøken Phil would be just another cafe that would only serve some dry sandwiches and coffee - but it turns out that Frøken Phil has more to offer. By the way, the name has a reference to the days when the building was used as a girl school. But back to the visit! First of all the atmosphere was very good when I visited on a Saturday for lunch. The places was packed, so it seems like the people have embraced the concept, and the sound level was high on people chatting away. The interior is old school (which is again a link to the old times when it was used as a school). The menu is not extensive but they had soup, ramen, chili con carne and fish on the menu. My ramen was very good but Nikki had the chili con carne and that was a bit on the salty side in my opinion. But all in all a good place to visit - at least for a lunch with friends!

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