New wine bar in town–Vinkontoret

Over the last few years the trend has been craft beer from local breweries. New beer bars seems to open all the time (Gulating, På Kornet, Øst etc) but there has not really been any focus on wine. Maybe we will see a change of this. As of August 2017 the bar known as Kontoret Bar has closed down and a new place has opened insted. The new place is called Vinkontoret and is hosted by Emil Heimdal and Christoffer Ingebretsen. We ran into Emil a few times when he hosted us at the great Cafe de France but now he will focus on serving good wine to the good people of Stavanger. Nikki and I stopped by one night and had a glass of wine and enjoyed some good quality snack with it. We got some excellent Italian ham and some great cheese to go along with it. If you enjoy a bit of wine make sure to stop by this new place! It is located in Skagen 16. Read more about the place on their Facebook page.


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