På Kornet: new gastropub in Stavanger

På Kornet is a brand new place in Stavanger – it opened in the beginning in January and it is located in the same place as Nero used to be (or Cartellet if you remember that far back). På Kornet aims to be a gastropub and while that term has not been used that often in Stavanger, there are places that try to combine a bar with food serving. In downtown Stavanger this has not been that successful in my opinion as most of the places seem to focus on the drinks and not the food. So for that reason I was excited to try out this new place!
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The old facilities of Nero has not been changed that much. But when you enter the place you now have a bar to the right and a chambre separee if you go further in. To the left you have the restaurant section with room for maybe 20 people or so. The bar section has simple furniture that allows you to sit down and enjoy the 20 beers that are on tap – or the selection that is on can/bottle.
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We had a table in the restaurant and the menu is short but included cod, pork, soup, ham and cheese and you can order the dishes in small portions (starters) or big portions. I decided to have some cured meat to start with, some cod and some potato soup. The cured meat was a fairly small portion but seemed to include some coppa, cured ham, salami sausage of some sort and it was served with good, fresh bread and a good soft butter. The cod that I had was great – served on bed of fried up leak and with a creamy sauce. It was so good that one of my friends decided to order a big portion after she had eaten the small portion. The potato soup was also good an apparently made with Lucky Jack beer and parmesan and gruyere cheese. I’m not sure that I tasted that but I enjoyed the bits of cured meat in the soup. One of my friends had the pork main meal and that seemed to be a generous portion. We rounded of by sharing some cheese – it was great to see that they had a good selection of different cheese and not only the most common ones.
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Conclusion: my first impression is very good and I look forward to see how this will develop. As a wine drinker I would of course like to see the option of more wine by the glass (there was only 3 options on the menu) but at least I see that they will have more or less weekly events for wine tasting and that it is great to see. All in all a good addition to the pub and bar scene in Stavanger. I hope that they will continue to focus on the food and change the menu frequently. Check out their homepage http://www.paakornet.no/ for more information.
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