Døgnvill burger: Good burgers but a few isues with the side dishes

When Døgvill Bar & Burger first opened in Stavanger, I checked them out and I was not that impressed. After this I have been wanting to go there many times to check them out again but it has become so popular that it has been tricky to get a table there without booking in advance.  But on a weekday in July we managed to get the last available table (at 5 PM).
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The table that we got was more of a bar table with bar stools so not the most comfortable seating. The menus were on the table as they also act as paper place mats. It didn’t take long for the waiter came to take our order and we decided to check out a classic burger and Saucy Joe as well as coleslaw, onion rings and French fries.
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The place was pretty busy so it took about 25 minutes before the food was served. Well, we got the burgers, french fries and coleslaw but the onion rings were not served. The burgers seemed to have lightly fried buns and the classic came with onion, tomato and green salad while the pickle was served on the side. The burger was fried to medium just like the waiter had suggested.  I had the Saucy Joe which had a great sauce of cheddar, parmesan and jalapenos (so it had just a little sting) and it came with bacon, fried onion and salad. All it all a very good burger and I was more impressed with it this time compared to when I ate there originally. The coleslaw was good with large chunks of the vegetables. The French fries was a bit of a let down – the fries seemed lukewarm like they were not quite fresh and that was a shame as they came with parmesan and bacon and could have been great. At 60 kroner (7 USD) they should get them right. The chili mayonnaise on the side was good and had a pretty good sting. 10 minutes after we got the burgers we finally got the onion rings – we were almost done with the burger at this point so their timing was not very good. The onion rings were good and seemed to be fresh out of the fryer.
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All in all Døgnvill serves a pretty good burger and even if they messed up the fries and served the onion rings 10 minutes late. So if you are craving a burger, Døgvill is worth a visit. Just make sure to book a table before you head over there. You can check out Døgnvill Burger on this page.
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