Hverdagsgodt: New breakfast and lunch place in Stavanger

We stopped by Hverdagsgodt for lunch on a Saturday afternoon in April 2016 in their small cafe in Pedersgata 23. Hverdagsgodt means something like "Every day good stuff" and it seems like this is one of the few breakfast and lunch places in Stavanger as they open at 7 am and closes at 4 pm - or maybe the only one! They focus on sandwiches (made on bread freshly baked in the shop) and smoothies.
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When we walked into the place, the girls behind the counter were busy making sandwiches while they were grooving to the music. The menu is limited but there are a few sandwich option as well as chia porridge. We decided to go for a hummus sandwich and cured ham sandwich. They also make a lovely smoothie that we have tasted before - a kale, apple, avocado and ginger smoothie that tastes great.
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The sandwiches were made fast and we got them served wrapped in paper together with a serviett. My sandwhich was with cured ham, mozarella cheese, salad, carrot and a tomato pesto. It tasted lovely and the tomato pesto had a great taste. I would have enjoyed having a bit more mozarella on it. Nikki had the hummus sandwich and she was happy with this. The hummus had a taste of cumin as far as I could tell and the sandwich was served with carrot, feta and the tomato pesto. The bread was excellent and contained lots of seeds.
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All in all this is a great new addition to the cafe scene in Stavanger. There are not many (if any) places you can go to in Stavanger to get a healthy breakfast sandwich in the morning. Well done guys - we will stop by to taste some of the other sandwiches and smoothies. Check out their homepage on http://www.hverdagsgodt.no/
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