Lunch at Noodle Noodle

I have been to Noodle Noodle a few times but it is not my favorite place to eat in town. It is located in the shopping mall Magasin Blaaa which means that it closes quite early (at 8 PM) and you are seated while people are walking by to their next shopping mission.
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We went there for lunch on a Saturday afternoon in March 2016 and instead of picking from the regular menu, we decided to order from the special of the day menu. Nikki had the kimchi ramen and I had beef short rib. It didn’t take that long to get the food and Nikki’s ramen was good. It was not too spicy, had just a hint of kimchi taste and was quite a large portion with good chunks of meat and there was even a soft boiled egg that was cooked to perfection and served as half an egg.
My dish was quite the colorful creation – the short rib seemed a bit dry when looking at it and the jalapeno puree had a yellowish color. I started with the puree and it was good in taste but it was served chilled which was a bit odd as the short rib was warm. But the puree was still good and not spicy as I thought it would be. The best part was the short rib that was amazingly tender, very juicy and great in taste.
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The conclusion is that we had a great lunch at this place. But the atmosphere is not that great as you are in the middle of a mall – I was wearing my jacket during the meal as there was a cold breeze. I’m not sure this place deserves to be rated as one of the top restaurants in Stavanger given that it is not really a proper restaurant – but I can’t deny that they served us a good lunch when we were there. So be sure to check it out if you want a good lunch but go somewhere else if you want a restaurant experience.
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