Starbucks coffee–now also in Stavanger!

I guess it should not be a big thing – but for a small town like Stavanger it is big news when Starbucks comes to town. I started hearing about this a year back and they were able to get a great location in the middle of town with access from Torget (the city square). After a bit of back and forth the opening took place in May 2015 and I stopped by to check it out a couple of days after it opened. The coffee shop has opened in what used to be a bank. This part of the building used to be where all the bank boxes were located and Starbucks have used this as a theme for the place. On your way in you can see parts of the locks for the vault, there is a big red vault door and they have kept some of the green bank safety deposit boxes.
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If you want to check out what Starbucks coffee Norway serves you should check out their homepage. I’m not really crazy about their coffee to be honest. We had an Americano that was pretty tasteless, the espresso con panna was served with a whipped cream that didn’t last long and the caffe moccha didn’t have a proper coffee taste. But I do love their frappuccino but then again that is more of a dessert and not coffee. If you come to Stavanger there are other coffee shops that can provide better coffee – try e.g. Coffeeberry or Bluebird. But I think it is good to see that big brands are also finding their way to Stavanger.
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