Congratulations to Renaa Restauranten

Renaa Restauranten was just reviewed by one of the larger newspapers in Norway (VG) and they got a 6 out of 6 score. You can read the entire review in Norwegian here but let me translate the conclusion.
The bill did not come as a surprise. The 8 course dinner with wine, coffee and avec cost about 2500 Kroner per person (plus tip) (440 USD). You can get a meal cheaper as the seasonal menu cost 795 kroner (+ extra for the drinks) but it will be pricy no matter what. Too expensive? Not for those who work within the oil industry. But not too expensive for the foodies either which tends to have money on a special account for experiences like this. It was not too expensive for the couple in love on the table next to us..and they also stumbled out into the night after getting their lives enriched by eating one of the best meals you can eat in Stavanger or even in Norway.
Value for money: it is expensive but it will be hard to find something that can beat this experience

So congratulations to Renaa and his team for the achievement and for bringing some attention to the Stavanger food scene. Read more about the Renaa restaurants on their homepage
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