Bevaremegvel: Warning - dish might contain traces of foie gras

IMG_7708In June 2012 I had some guests from the USA and we decided to go out to eat after a hard and wet trip to the Pulpit rock (or Preikestolen as we call it). I checked the menu options online and when my American guest saw that Bevaremegvel had steak with foie gras on top, we decided to go for this restaurant. My guests came from California and they have just decided to ban serving of foie gras so they were thrilled to see this on the menu. This was a Sunday evening and when we came to IMG_7709the restaurant there was a menu on the outside but I was a bit puzzled to see that it was different from the menu that was displayed online. When I checked with the waiter inside I was informed that they have a different menu on Sundays – this is also listed online but I failed to noticed this when I checked. But I asked the waiter if it was still possible to make the steak dish and the chef said that they could fix it for us – it is great of them to be flexible enough to do this. But I was not that impressed with the waiter – when we started asking a few questions about the menu he simply replied “I don’t know – I normally don’t work here”. At least he was being honest about it ;-)
IMG_7703I decided to go for confit of duck, a couple went for the steak and one went for the hamburger. When the food was served I could tell that my guests were quite disappointed. When looking at the steak dish I thought the chef might have forgotten the foie gras but when looking closer at it there was a tiny, tiny piece of foie gras on top. When you need a microscope to see the foie gras, I’m tempted to call this false advertising. But the guest seemed to be happy with the meat at least. My confit of duck leg with potato puree was not bad but the duck was a bit too dry. I also decided to go for dessert and the chocolate fondant was very good served with a vanilla ice cream.
IMG_7702I have been there before and I have been happy with the service and food – but I was not that impressed with Bevaremegvel this time. I was impressed that the chef was flexible enough to make something that was not on the menu this day but I was not very impressed with the steak with foie gras as you could hardly see the foie gras. My confit of duck leg was a bit on the dry side but the chocolate fondant was good. But I guess it is kinda sad when towards the end both my wife and I was like "I wish we had gone for the hamburger” Winking smile
You can read more about the restaurant on the restaurant homepage.
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