Dinner and drinks with a view at Tango Terrasse & Grill

photo 1I have been to the restaurant Tango a couple of times before and it is located basically on the waterfront on the Straen side of the harbor area. Downstairs there is a nice restaurant which serves a set menu daily as far as I know and a champagne lunch on Saturdays but there is also a bar here that serves drinks (of course) but also a bit of food. Check this old review if you want to read my experience from a champagne lunch a few years back.

photo 5Last year there a new edition to the place came along: a rooftop terrace called Tango Terrasse & Grill! There are not that many of them in town so that is why it is worth mentioning Winking smile In the end of May I went there to check it out but you should note that it is only open if weather permits it so check the weather forecast in advance. The day I went there the weather was nice but as usual in Stavanger there was a cold draft – but fear not, they have compensated by installing heaters and they provide blankets to the guests Smile
photo 2You get to the terrace by taking the lift up from the main lobby on the ground floor and once you get up there you will notice the great view that you get of the Stavanger harbor. 
The menu on the rooftop terrace has been adapted to the location and hence they have a different menu here compared to the set menu in the restaurant – the bar also has a separate menu. I doubt it that many people come to the terrace for the food – they had a 3-4 small dishes (starters) and two main dishes: grilled cod or grilled pork neck. Both of the main dishes were about 250 Norwegian Kroner (about 40 USD). The drink menu was also limited but they did have a few options of wine by the glass – each bottle of red was from 425 Kroner to 565 kroner (70 USD to 90 USD). Note that you can also get a more extensive drink menu by getting the menu from the bar downstairs.
The food itself was prepared on the grill on the terrace which is great – I love to see that the food is prepared fresh on the grill! The portion was on the small side (I guess some would say tiny if they are used to large American portions) but it was just right. The meat was pretty tender and it was served with potatoes and cabbage if I’m not mistaken.
photo 4Tango Terasse & Grill is a beautiful place to hang out when the weather behaves which does not happen that often in Stavanger I’m afraid. But if you are lucky with the weather make sure to get there early and grab a table by the edge and enjoy the view while you are sipping on a glass of bubbles or some wine. And if you get hungry you can get a snack – the menu is limited but the food was good in my opinion and that also fits in with my impression of the food served in the restaurant and bar downstairs. Check out more information about the restaurant on the restaurant homepage http://www.tango-bk.no/
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