Déjà vu – good delicatessen store but located in a mall

photo 4We went to Déjà Vu for a snack after a workout in March 2012 – we stop by this place from time to time so it is not the first time I have been there. Déjà vu is a small delicatessen similar to Ostehuset or Food Story in Stavanger. This means that it is both a small restaurant/cafeteria and at the same time they also sell various products such as olive oil, pasta etc. Déjà vu also have a section of tapas that you can buy for takeaway. The thing that separates Déjà vu from Ostehuset and Food Story is that Déjà vu is located inside the small shopping mall of Magasin Blaa in the Østervåg area of Stavanger. This means that the opening and closing times are controlled pretty much by the mall.
itemsDéjà vu is pretty tiny but they do have a lot of their food on display when you walk in there. As I mentioned already, they do have a selection of tapas for sale and you can either enjoy it in the restaurant or you can bring it out. This evening we came in at about 7.30 pm (it normally close at 8) and I decided to have a seafood soup while Nikki went for a Mediterranean salad. fish_soupMy seafood soup came in a small and large portion and for some reason I decided to go for a large portion this evening and I shouldn’t have as the portion was huge in my opinion. It was served in a fancy bowl and it was all creamy and very yellow – it was not hard to tell that they had used saffron to spice it up and color it as the smell of saffron is unmistakable. The taste of the soup was also very good and it did contain lots of chunks of fish and shrimp but it was just too much for me. Nikki went for the Mediterranean salad and she was not too impressed by that. It was a bit on the boring side and they had over-compensated with feta cheese – the salad was basically drowning in it!
saladDéjà vu does have a few nice items on their menu – try a tapas selection or try their bacalau. But the main problem of Déjà vu will always be that they are located at the very entrance of a small shopping mall. This means that they place closes early but it also means that you have a draft coming in from the door and you have a constant flow of people moving around in the area. So maybe it is better to order out and bring the goodies back home to enjoy it or maybe ask the place to supply the food for your next company event.
Check out more information about Déjà vu at their homepage www.dejavu.no/ .
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