Lille Taste of Indian–new Indian restaurant in town

photo 2This restaurant is closed permanently!

As I have said before, it is always good to see new places open in downtown Stavanger. This time a new Indian restaurant called “Lille Taste of Indian” (a bit weird combination of Norwegian and English name) has opened in Stavanger and it is located on the corner of Øvre Holmegate and Kirkegaten. I’m not sure if this place is jinxed or not but businesses never seem to last here. I think it has been clothing stores, bars and now a restaurant.
photo 1Anyway, we went there one day after a workout just to check it out. I think this is a branch of a restaurant with the same name located in Bergen as the menu seems to be similar. I’m also a bit fascinated by the name – when you look outside the place they have used “Lille taste of Indian” one place and “Little taste of Indian” another place. Shouldn’t it just be “Little taste of India”? But hey, what’s in a name – I’m just glad to see that there is an additional Indian place in town so we can try something apart from India Tandoori, Delhi and Mogul India. You can read a review of Mogul India here.
photo 3Luckily they had a table when we got there as I was starving and we got the extensive menu pretty fast. Reading the menu was not that easy on the other hand with the dim lighting and the photos of Indian food as a background on some of the menu pages – but that is why you have an iPhone with a “flashlight” built in, isn’t it ;-) I went for one of my favorites: the Murg Saag (chicken in a spinach sauce). In the menu it said that you could choose how spicy you wanted the meal (graded from mild to vindaloo or something like that) but when we ordered we totally forgot about it and the waiter never asked us.  We also went for some naan bread: I wanted the garlic naan and Nikki went for vegetable naan. The food was served pretty fast and I guess it can have something to do with the fact that there were not that many people in there.
photo 4The meals were presented in small pots on top of a candle and that is a good idea to make sure that you keep the dish warm. We were however a bit disappointed when we tried the meal – my dish was not bad at all but it was not spicy at all so I assume that I got the mildest version. Next time I will be sure to ask for it a bit spicier. The naan bread on the other hand was not good at all – way too dry in my opinion but I’m not an expert in the field of course but I have had better naan bread in other restaurants. So all in all we were not totally crazy about this place but I’m willing to give it another try in the near future and then I will be sure to ask for the meal to be a bit spicier.  The main dishes seem to range from 170 to 200 Norwegian kroner (about 30 USD to 35 USD) just to give you an idea about the price level.
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