Charles & De in - the best alternative in Sandnes

There are not that many places to eat in Stavanger's neighbor city Sandnes but when Charles & De opened a few years back, that helped a lot. We went there in the beginning of August 2009 before going to the movies and we had the Tom Yam that was not spicy enough according to Nikki and too salty. Gard had the cheddar burger which was a bit on the boring side. But we did like the fact that the portions were not too big and that we got fried potatoes instead of french fries to go with the burger. The menu at Charles & De is not bad and we will certainly try the place again...but then again, there are not that many places to choose from in Sandnes ;-) Check out the menu and opening hours on . They also sell various food stuff to bring back home...and maybe you can even bring home some of the desserts that they had on display. Our meal today was about 300 kroner. Below is a video with a summary of what we thought and some photos of our meal :-)

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