Amici - "new" Italian restaurant

Nikki and I noticed all of a sudden that there was a new small restaurant by the name of Amici in Stavanger. It is located in Bakkegaten 7 just around the corner from the cinema in town. It is a pretty small place and I think there were only 6-7 tables when we were there with maybe seats for 25 people.

We checked out this place in January 2007 and we were placed in the lower level of the restaurant. It was freezing in the room so I kept my fleece on during the meal. The menu was very limited and there was only about 10 different things to choose from and they were all in the price category 90-100 Kroner (about 15-16$). We wanted to order a tray of mixed antipasto but that was sold out so instead we ordered chicken breast and a baked potato dish.

The amount of food we got seemed to be related to the price because the portions were small. Both the chicken and potato dish was served on ruccola (rocket) but we didn't feel that the description of the menu was in style with what was in front of us on the table. The chicken was supposed to be filled with smoked mozzarella and wrapped in ham. Yes, there were some cheese inside and a couple of bacon strips on top but it didn't look very elegant. The potato dish was not very exciting either and it was served a bit lukewarm.

Conclusion: If you just want a small snack this might be an option for you. But don't expect too much from the food....our conclusion was that we cane make better and more tasty food at home. As a plus they do have 6-7 different red wines that you can get served by the glass.

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Henrik said...

Been there a couple of times, and the food is more or less like you describe it, but the service and staff is very nice especially with children - as not all restaurants do. . .

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