1 year anniversary dinner for Restaurant SÖL

We stopped by Restaurant SÖL for the second time in February 2019 – this time to celebrate their 1 year anniversary! As you can see in my initial review, this place is run by three young chefs and they have done a great job with this restaurant as the reviews are great in general. Their focus is still amazing vegetables with fish, meat or poultry from sustainable sources and focus on Nordic flavors. In addition to this they serve natural wines! On this evening the restaurant was full and they had brought in extra help to keep up with all the customers. There is not much of a traditional a la carte menu at Restaurant SÖL – they have a set menu that is introduced (and dishes described with focus and passion when served) and you can choose to have wine pairing.

We went all in and it did not take long before we got wine and our first dish: oysters and a bite sized crispy chicken skin topped with crab. The oysters were served plain but there was some lemon to squeeze on top or some hot sauce from local vendor Midsummer Hot Sauce . I’m not that crazy about oysters but these were small and not too overwhelming and the chicken skin and crab was delicious. Quite a round up of textures to get the evening going. Next up was a small bowl of tomato soup! I guess the description can be deceiving as it was a fermented tomato soup with dried tomatoes, grilled squash and magnificent dollop of cream cheese. The soup was very rich with an overdose of umami – a great contrast to the more anonymous squash.

The last time we visited, I think we got some excellent homemade bread to start with. This time we got it after the soup. It was toasted sourdough bread topped with lardo – quite divine, if you enjoy a bit of fat. Lardo is an Italian cold cut where pork fat is cured with various herbs. When you put it like that, it does not sound that great but trust me – it can be excellent!
We were back to seafood on the next dish with a scallop served in the pretty and huge shell that it comes from – this time braised and topped with shredded roe! The scallop was divided into slices to enjoy it bit by bit. What a pretty dish this was with the colors of the shell, juices and roe!

I’m not sure how to describe the next dish but I think this was one of my favorites – potato “soup” with roe topped with caviar and fennel in lemongrass. The potatoes with roe was excellent and the fennel on top was a great add on. Truly a comfort food dish that I enjoyed.
It has been a long day – both for us and for the young chefs. We ended up getting the next dish twice and even if it was excellent, we decided to send the second serving back. It was a white fish served with a foam of mussels, if I’m not mistaken. As you can see, we had already had a bit of wine. But we were getting closer to the finale of the meal as duck was served topped with chopped apple in juice and with a beetroot side dish. I love my meat, but this duck did not quite hit the spot. By all means – this was certainly a wonderful dish but not as spectacular as many of the nights previous dishes. The sweet ending to this evening was a simple fresh cream cheese ice cream topped with fresh and dried berries.

Conclusion: this was an awesome anniversary dinner! Well done to Nayana, Claes and Magnus for serving up quite the culinary experience! Congratulations on the one year anniversary – with food like this I hope there will be many more to come!

Homepage : https://www.restaurantsoel.com/
Location : Hetlandsgata 6 - see Google map https://goo.gl/maps/BtKEW3hWTQH2
Price of food: a menu is usually 525 kroner (61 USD) 

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