Birger Burger in Sola–juicy and tasty!

Birger Burger opened in Sandnes last year (2015) and joined Døgnvill Burger and The Shack to create a bit of a burger revolution. It is now trendy with burger and the focus is burgers with good quality ingredients. The Birger Burger branch in Sandnes is tiny and the same goes for the Sola branch and it seems like the concept is take away.
I was at Birger Burger in Sola on a Sunday evening and when I walked in the place was empty. The menu is limited and that is also their goal – there is full focus on just a few burgers. I ordered the Birger Blåtann which is a burger with blue cheese , honey, salad and tomato. I was asked if I wanted to upgrade to angus meat (for an additional 25 kroner) and I accepted that but I was never asked what kind of bread I wanted. I was not asked how I wanted the burger either by the way. In addition to the burger you can get French fries or onion rings and I went for the small portion of onion rings with aioli dipp. I was told that it would take about 12 minutes and that was more or less spot on and I got my burger and onion rings in two bags.
The onion rings were freshly made and still hot. The dip was also good and it was quite a large portion of dipp for so few onion rings. The burger itself was in a bag and it also had a paper around it to prevent too much leakage when eating it and that was great as it was juicy. The bread was excellent as it felt fresh and it was soft. The burger was juicy and even if it didn’t look medium it was still great. I would have enjoyed even more taste of blue cheese but there was a nice balance between the blue cheese and honey taste.
Conclusion: Birger Burger gets two thumbs up from me. I think it would have been great if they had a few chairs in the small restaurant but I guess most people just grab the burgers and go. But I will definitely go back to try the other burgers that they have on the menu.
Check out their menu on A burger starts at about 100 Kroner (12 USD)

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