Charles & De in Sandnes

Nikki and I usually eat out in Stavanger and we joke about that we can't go to Sandnes as there are no "real" restaurants there....and it is a fact that the selection of restaurants are limited in Sandnes compared to Stavanger. But enough about mid February we went to Charles & De in Sandnes (see ). This place is run by the world champion chef Charles Tjessem. The place is split into a Brasseri and a Café and we visited the latter. It is a bit of a shame that the Café close at 6 PM because we would love to visit this place before going to the movies at 8-9 PM.

Back to the visit...the café is informal as there are menues on the tables and you have to walk over to the counter to order. You can check out the menu on the homepage and as you can see you can get sandwiches, pizzas, salads, small warm dishes etc. I'm very into risotto so I had to try that while Nikki wanted to try the bacon fried cod. The risotto was changed a bit compared to the menu as they ran out of peas...but it was still good even if it was a bit different compared to the risottos that I'm used to...and it could have been warmer (I don't like lunk warm food). Nikki's fish was good...cod wrapped in bacon with mashed potatoes and fried vegetables on the side. They also sell various home made vitamin drinks...we tried the passion fruit drink with mango, local apple cider and banana...and the drink was excellent.

If you are up for dessert they can offer small portions of flan, chocolate cake etc.

Conclusion: Charles & De is a nice place that I would love to visit again. They only problem is that they close to early :-( So I guess there are some real places to dine in Sandnes after all :-)

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